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Jun 24, 2016

Creating a Vintage Motorcycle Resource Directory

by Jon Radermacher, AMF president


In the Antique Motorcycle Foundation’s mission statement, we pledge to support the vintage motorcycle community. There are several ways to do this without duplicating the efforts of the many individuals, groups and organizations out there who are working toward the same goal, but usually in a particular niche of vintage and antique motorcycling.

Because the AMF strives to support all aspects of the vintage motorcycle community, we have started a project that aims to direct new and seasoned enthusiasts to all the places that will aid in their pursuit of the hobby, while simultaneously driving interest and customers to the organizations and businesses that support the hobby. This project is called the Vintage Motorcycle Resource Directory. Beyond just a simple listing of organizations and businesses, the directory project aims to provide contextual information that will aid visitors in their quest for all things vintage motorcycling.

Some may ask, "How will this be different than just using a search engine?" Sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo use your search terms in combination with special algorithms to "predict" what you are looking for. The problem with this is two-fold: 1) you may not know exactly what you are looking for, and 2) search engines only find and rank results in a specific way and if the website of the organization or business is not search-engine friendly, it does not fair well with results. Furthermore, some small outfits do not even have a website because they do not have the skills or resources to maintain one.

Without getting into excruciating detail, the directory will initially list all contact info, display icons and text indicating what the source offers, and summarize the scope of the organization or business. It will have the ability to segregate categories of sources and to search by marques and/or years of production. In the long run, we hope to build in a rating or referral system to better inform users of what they might expect by interacting with the organization or business and a proximity filter.

What many people sometimes overlook is the vast complexity of this hobby we hold so dear. Whether it is bricks-and-mortar places like museums and service providers, virtual places like blogs and digital libraries, or tangible goods like parts, apparel and memorabilia, there is the potential for hundreds, likely thousands, of entries in this directory.

This is an ambitious project, but we think it is an important mechanism for the foundation to support the vintage motorcycling community. True to our nature as a charitable organization, this directory will be publically accessible here on our website and at no cost to the organizations and businesses listed within in it.

But in order to make it successful, we need your help. At the bottom of this article, you will find a simple form that will allow you to refer the foundation to a potential source for the directory. We will send out short questionnaires via email or mail so that we may provide accurate information to users of the directory.

Please help us make this directory project a success and refer one or more sources for this project. Although the vintage motorcycling community landscape is complex, it is still small enough where word of mouth continues to be a valued mechanism for sustaining the hobby. 

We need your support!

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